Our Products

The products that Arrowcraft manufacture are varied, from artificial rocks to rally car parts, as well as canoes and kayaks. They are all made on site in our workshop by our team of specialist laminators. 

If you have a bespoke item you would like producing please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate your needs. We are happy to produce one off specials as well as high volume items.


As well as manufacturing Slalom competition craft we build Sprint and Marathon boats for Marsport Limited, who are one of Europe's leading racing specialists. We also manufacture competition Polo boats for Paddle Sport. The team work with our customers to produce exactly what they require, from the colour of the boat to the individual fittings, to ensure their maximum potential is achieved.

The boulders we make are used to change the water flow on slalom courses. They are attached by chains and then winched down into place on the course. There are two sizes, which can be used to create a number of variations in the water flow.

Other Items
Occasionally we are asked to manufacture one off or specialist items. A good example of this is car parts. In the picture opposite you can see the finishing touches being made to a footwell that we were asked to make. This is for the co-driver to brace their feet against to prevent being thrown around the car at high speed.