Arrowcraft Coracle
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The Arrowcraft coracle was designed with the fly fishing market and also the outdoor centres and clubs in mind.

Centres love it as it gives a different approach to canoe and kayaking, particularly as it uses different skills to make it perform, as well as being a craft which is fun to paddle for kids and adults.

Being made of fibreglass it is a lot more resiliant to bumps and scrapes and can be easily repaired.  The coracle can be made in any colour you want to match club colours etc.  Being made of fibreglass it keeps the weight down to approx 8kg and can be easily carried by a child or an adult. 

It comes complete with a non slip finish in the foot area and buoyancy foam to aid surface flotation.  The coracle is fitted with the wider seat as standard.

The price is £300 inc vat, please email for centre and club discount.